if you are a self identified male feminist and belittle women who are telling you their own experiences by talking over them using statistics or academic theories you are Doing It Wrong

guess what it doesn’t matter how many gender studies classes you take, WOMEN KNOW MORE ABOUT BEING A WOMAN THAN YOU DO

That woman knows more about being herself than I do likewise I know more about being me than she does.  It’s also silly logic to think just because she is a woman she’s been automatically trained and armed with a functional and productive opinion of and attitude towards women.  This is a thin statement and it really doesn’t extent to anything but a narrow margin of both men and women while saying that women are universally omnipotent about everything in womandom.  Some women are stupid and shouldn’t be talking for women as a whole and some men should shut the hell up, that’s on both sides.  The real problem with feminism is that there isn’t a united front behind the movement and any asshole male or female can DECLARE themselves both a feminist AND an authority.



This is what American Indians really look like

 ”Where’s your horse? Would you bless me? I’ve always wanted to be blessed by an Indian.”

These are the types of questions photographer Matika Wilbur, a member of the Swinomish and Tulalip tribes, has encountered when meeting non-Native people. Such experiences have largely prompted her latest endeavor, Project 562. Wilbur, whose name means “messenger,” wants to use her photography to deliver a powerful message about what it means to be Indian.

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